3D printing consultancy services including advice, guidance, training and maintenance programmes.



3D Printing Consultancy

We’re specialists in providing 3D printing consultancy and other additive manufacturing services to businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

Whether this is helping companies incorporate 3D printing into their production processes or start-ups looking for the best solutions to get started in the industry, nothing beats having the support of a professional with first-hand experience in the 3D printing industry.


How we can help

Our 3D printing consultancy services suit all types of businesses. Whether you need a helping hand setting up your 3D printing equipment or you would like us to visit your premises and provide in-depth analysis of how 3D printing can help your business grow, we’re here to help.

Consultancy services include:


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We’re here to resolve problems and provide solutions for companies large and small. We can tailor our 3D printing consultancy services to suit your needs. To arrange a consultation, please visit our contact page and send an enquiry.